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  • Power of technology that changes the future,

    Halla Stackpole

    We will grow as a global company through
    advanced technologyand endless quality innovation.

  • A challenge that realizes dream!

    Halla Stackpole

    We will continue raising our company
    value through innovation and the discovery
    and nurture of future growth engine.

  • A new step for the future!

    Halla Stackpole

    We will lead the future of the powder
    metallurgy industry through a strict quality
    management and constant technology investment.


Halla Stackpole, the next-generation growth engine of automobile parts.



  • Transmission Parts

    We are providing carrier for automatic transmissions,
    synchronizer hubs for backing plates and
    manual transmissions, and wheel sensors.

  • Engine Parts

    We provide sprockets, such as cam sprockets, fuel injection sprockets, and crack sprockets.

  • Steering Parts

    We provide helical pulleys, inserts, and tilt cams.

  • Suspension Parts

    We provide pistons, bodies, rod guides, reb' rets as for parts inside stabilizer for motor vehicles.

  • Compressor Parts

    We provide hubs that transmit power and limiters that blocks the transmission of power.

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We are cutting the edge of the powder metallurgy area.

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We are recruiting
global staff to work
with Halla Stackpole.

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We will pay attention to our
customer's voices.

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STACKPOLE is a global company in the powder metallurgy industry.
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